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About Us

Made with love by

cindy & tump

Local ingredients, fresh farm pigs, and homemade sauces & spices are what make this power couple stand out. Since 2009,  Cindy and Tump have been following their dream to share their award-winning BBQ with the world. What started as a small food truck at the bottom of their stone driveway is now a successful catering company participating in competitive BBQ battles all over the East Coast. Through the early morning, long drives, and late nights, Cindy and Tump put their heart and soul into every dish presented to you.

Our History

We purchased our very first smoker in May of 1996 and officially launched Squeels on Wheels in Delaware as a home-based caterer. We did primarily Pig Roasts back then with our brand new smoker until 2007 when we moved to Mount Holly, Vermont. We went full speed ahead in Vermont with our catering business, buying our Mobile BBQ Pit just one year later!

We used the Mobile BBQ Pit primarily for fairs, festivals, and BBQ competitions. But when we weren't out doing that, you could sometimes see it parked at the end of our stone driveway. It was hard for travelers on route 100 to miss our big Squeels on Wheels sign as they drive through the lucious Vermont roads! We quickly upgraded this location to a physical store open year round.

In 2010, we bought the Ludlow Country Store and started operating a BBQ Deli, selling homemade and handmade goods, and Vermont specialties. In that same year, we also bottled our Signature BBQ sauce and Secret Kickin' Chicken dust for wholesale! These items are still on our menu and available for purchase, even though we aren't at this location any longer. We sold the store in 2020 to focus solely on being the best caterers we can be!

We are also proud to have spent 7 straight seasons with a location on Okemo Mountain! Tump and his friend were able to build this awesome BBQ Shack for snow bunnies on the mountain to grab some freshly smoked BBQ and warm up, without ever even having to take off their skis! Though 2020 forced a break from this opportunity, we look forward to returning to the mountain in 2022!

Mount Holly, VT
(802) 558-9489