e started doing Rockn' Ribfest all the way back in 2013! In our first year as a 'Ribber', we were set up next to some big names in BBQ. The Ribfest Mascot Squeelz came to visit us, but he didn't stick around long after seeing how big our pig roaster is! Just kidding, we had a great time - what could be better than spending the weekend at the Budweiser Plant!

Ribbers at the Rockn' Ribfest

We sure cooked up ALOT of BBQ. just look at the first round of ribs keeping warm on our roaster! There were eight other ribbers there and lots of other food choices, great music and brewery tours. There was lots of fun for the kids too - lots of bouncing! All the ribbers are set up at the back of the field and we were nestled right in there with them.

Tump & the meat!

We also met a great food artist, Ruben Arroco from Culinary Artworks, our first year there. He works magic carving all kinds of things using food - fruit, butter, chocolate, ice. Yeah two at Ribfest, he surprised us with our very own watermelon carving!

Tump & Rubin

With many years of ribbing to come (and many under our belt!) we always rely on our custom trailer and signs, all day BBQ smoker, and faithful BBQ lovers to keep us coming back every year!

Cindy & the signage
“Deliciously delightful food, reasonable price for the quality of food! Highly recommend and whatever you get you will NOT be dissatisfied after eating.”