pring is here, finally mud season is outta here. Some lingering snowfall all day on Easter and expecting 6-12" on Tuesday 19 April!! Regardless, our chives and garlic are nearly a foot tall. Already using chives and looking forward to using the edible flowers, they make a great garnish.

We had a wonderful Easter meal of ham, pierogies and picnic carrots with peanut brittle and soft molasses cookies for dessert :) Took a few pics to post, have a look.

Our pasta machine from Tump's Grandmom and motor to help speed up the process from Tump's Aunt! Along with some other Pierogi and pasta making equipment.
This jig really helped make a nicely formed Pierogi.
Was able to make 60 Pierogies with one dough recipe.
Dinner was delicious - Ham, Pierogies and Picnic Carrots.
Bring on Dessert!
This is my favorite Pierogi making photo back in 2007 - Tump with his Grandmom - cranking out flying sheets of dough. It was a fun family day :)